About Thumbkin Labs

 Being a father to two children means you need to work during office hours and even work beyond working hours to ensure you do well in your job and provide financially to you family. This means we need to sacrifice quality time with our family specially the children. Most of the time, when I reach home, I will only have around 3 hours time I can spend with my children and after that, no matter how I want to extend the time, it will be the kid's bedtime and they need to be ready for school the next morning.

The 3 hours I spend with my children will be spent mostly over dinner, and the rest talking about their activities during the day. They will usually talk about how fun the day went, and later it will end up with me asking them what they learned that day. I am sending my children to school and tutorial/tuition classes and I see that they are doing progress, but sometimes we cannot avoid to observe that their learning pace is not up to our expectations. Sometimes we want to be hands-on on their development and education. We want to teach our kids personally, however the biggest constrain is time. We simply don’t have enough time to spend on teaching our children. Whatever time we have, we rather would spend this having fun with the kids or risk giving children bad childhood memories with their parents. This is the biggest dilemma I faced as a parent, I want to teach my kids.. however I don’t have the luxury of time. If is spend whatever time I have to teach my children, this would mean that there will be little fun childhood memories between me and my kids... I started thinking about this dilemma and I wanted to do something about it… I tried to look deeper into my situation and decided to do something about it. 

The biggest constraint we have when it comes to teaching our kids is preparing the tools. The easiest tools is a board and pen, however teaching children means a lot of mistake, you will have to spend a lot of paper rewriting something because of a wrong answer, this really creates a lot of frustration specially for a parent and it usually ends up with the parent frustrated and raising their voice and the children crying. We don’t want this to happen because this will create bad memories to our kids and they might even start to hate the subject. This is the reason why, I as a father, decided to create tools that will help me in my pursuit to personally teach my children. I developed simple software that will replace the pen & paper… I only spend half an hour everyday with my kids and I really received astonishing results. I am mighty proud of my apps and I can confidently say that this app which helped me will also help you.