Color Matcher

ColorMatch is a Color based Puzzle Game. The Objective of the game is to match a target color by mixing a a set of pre-determined color. The complexity and accuracy of colormatching increases as you go to higher levels. 

This game provides a very good way to entertain yourself at the same time improve your visual perception of colors. You will also be able to understand and apply basic color science and color mixing concepts.

Colormatching Skills is a practical skill with industrial and profesional uses. This game will help you sharpen your color matching skills. This will also help you improve your visual color judgement capability and at the same time you will also understand your strength and weakness in color evaluation as you progress with the game.

The game starts with a TARGET COLOR. Your objective is to mix the colors at the bottom of the screen to arrive at a color that matches as close as possible to the target color. Pressing the color boxes will show numbers and this numbers corresponds to how much of that color is present on your current color formula. 

 Example: If you want to get light grey, you need to mix 1 black and 3 white.

You are given 60 seconds to match a color. If the time is up, your current color will be evaluated. You will be given 5 attempts to match the color and will get 1 free attempt every 5 levels you complete.

To win the game, you need to match your color to the target color as close as possible. The acceptance criteria increases with time. The higher the level, the closer the color match requirement becomes.

  • TIP #1 : Turn the brightness to maximum to get the best visual color difference.
  • TIP #2 : Try to look at different colors before making the color judgement to improve your visual accuracy.
  • TIP #3 : As the number of color adjustment increases, the total color movement  proportionately decreases.

When you press the  "COLORMATCH!" button or when the time's up and you have not yet matched the color, you will see a "Color Rejected" screen. This means that the color you currently have does not meet the colormatch requirement. You need to improve your color to match it as close as possible to the "Target Color". Only when you match the target color and meet the colormatch requirements can you proceed to the next level.

You will lose 1 life/attempt every color rejection. This means that you need to be very very sure when you press the "COLORMATCH!" button so that you will not lose life.

The game will end after you have used up all your lives/attempts. But dont worry, the game will show the formula of the color you have difficulty matching. This will help you understand when and why you and where you have failed.

Your score will be calculated and will be posted on the leaderboard. You can see and compare your colormatching skills against your friends or against the global community. You can always try again to get better scores and be at the top of the leaderboard!

Thank you very much.